Balens Financial Limited

Balens Financial


Balens Financial Ltd was established as an Appointed Representative of Go IFA Ltd in 2014 following many years of successful trading as a directly authorised firm under the control of David Balen. As the industry has changed over the recent years, this new business structure offered our clients access to modern, easy to access quality, tailored financial advice whilst ensuring that this is delivered in a transparent value for money way.


We work with both companies and individuals. Our advice and fees are not based on the size of your portfolio. We do not feel that quality advice should only be for the very wealthy.


We can help you review your current plans,  help you understand the ever changing rules and complexities of the industry and provide specific solutions that meet your needs.

Our website outlines some of the areas we can help you with. It also offers access to our online services giving you the ability to make your own financial decisions, or value your existing plans. However, this site or the online services it offers cannot replace tailored financial advice. We offer a no obligation  first  meeting at our cost, so please contact us if  you have any questions.