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Fax: 01684 891 361

E-Mail: enquiries@balensfinancial.co.uk

Your Client experience

A client's experience is paramount to our values at Balens Financial Ltd. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients are kept informed at all stages of the process. We try to avoid using jargon and where we must, we explain what this means in plain english. We want to educate our clients so they can wrk with us to make the best possible financial decisions.

All of our clients will experience the same journey;

  1.  Gather Information about your goals, aspirations & current financial situation
  2. Research the policies you have and search the market for solutions to meet your needs
  3. Advise you on the steps required to meet your goals, and recommend the best soltuion to take.
  4. Implement the solution &Review the situation to ensure it continues to meet your needs.


Ongoing Service

We offer clients a choice of ongoing service options should they wish to receive an ongoing service from us.

Service Commitment




Transactional Service

Ongoing Cost (per annum)

Min £1,500

Up To £1,500


(Cost Per Item)

Annual update of financial profile


Annual completion of Personal risk profile


Quarterly Review Meeting




Half Yearly Review Meeting



Telephone Access to your Adviser


Email access to your Adviser

Online Access to Portfolio Valuations


Half Yearly Rebalance of Portfolio



Annual Rebalance of Portfolio


Review of all correspondence & statements received from your providers

£75 per hour

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning Service



Retirement Planning Service



Discount on Future Fees



Second Opinion Service