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Online Services for Clients

We appreciate that some of our clients will be confident enough to deal with their own finances and financial decisions. This may be due to their experience or that the content of our guides on this site have provided enough information. We always believe that tailored financial advice should be sought to ensure the decisions being made are correct.

However, we want to deal with our clients in whichever way they want to deal with us. Therefore, we have created a range of online solutions for clients.

Online Client Login

For those clients of ours who pay for an ongoing service, you can access your client portal by clicking here

Pensions Monster

This will provide you with a free report regarding your current pension savings and what they may look like in the future. It will then also complete a comparison to the current pensions market. If you have any questions once you have received the report please do not hesitate to contact us.


Investment Portal - The Balens ISA

For those clients who want to save money on a regular basis, or invest surplus capital we have created our own non-advised client solution. Offered by Parmenion, it will guide you through the process of deciding what you should invest, the risk you should take, and if you shoud be investing at all. The sytem produce a report, and without obligation, allows you to download this report and take your time considering the contents.

Access the portal here